//How to save on your travel bills with cheap airport parking rates in Melbourne?

How to save on your travel bills with cheap airport parking rates in Melbourne?

‘Yarra Valley’, ‘The Blue Mountains’, ‘Coral Coast’ – These are just some of the picturesque places in our country to choose for an excursion.

In Australia, you would find a plethora of options for spending holidays, but the major hindrance is the cost! You need to arrange for sufficient funds to enjoy your trip, especially if it’s a long one, and requires air travel. But what if we tell you that using some tricks you can reduce your air travel bills largely? Would you be interested? If yes, then continue reading –

Tips that make air travelling as light as air

  • Plan in well advance: First and foremost, you should decide the date of travel and destination not days but weeks before travelling, as it would benefit you in multiple ways such as –

1) Early flight booking: Larger the gap between booking date & journey date, the lower is the price of air tickets. (Hope you got the hint!) Also, you can compare several options and book the flight with the lowest fare.

2) Affordable car parking: Not finding the place for parking your vehicle or paying more than usual is the common problem many travelers face, especially if it’s a festive season, but you can avoid it by reserving your spot in our offsite airport parking facilities. With us, you can decrease your airport parking cost in Melbourne.

3)Shop, shop, and shop: Instead of roaming from store to store hastily, you can purchase a few items from your shopping list daily. This way, you can visit several stores and get the best deal for clothes, accessories, shoes, and so on.

4) Best hotel tariff: Using websites, apps, and personal references, you can know about the various modes of accommodation & the amenities available there, and select the one which suits your budget the most. (Don’t forget to ask about discount!)

5)Fight flight hunger: If you don’t want to buy costly food available in airplanes (unless it’s covered in your ticket price), you can keep your favorite snacks, for example, wafers, cookies, chocolates, etc. in your handbag, and eat whenever you feel hungry.

  • Pack your bag: Take all the items you wish to have for your entertainment such as headphones, gaming consoles, etc., without fail. If you don’t carry them with you and feel the urge to use them, it’s difficult to resist purchasing the new ones. (So, double check your bags before leaving!)
  • Eat healthy food: Expensive food in hotels and outside eateries is the biggest worry for every traveler. While enjoying the local delicacies is a must, you can carry sauces, seasoning, etc. and prepare vegetable and fruit salads sitting in your room. It would not only save you money but also keep you from getting tired in your trip.
  • With some brainstorming and cleverness, you can enrich your life with new experiences, without breaking the bank.We would be more than happy to add pleasure to your journey with our off-airport parking facility located in Tullamarine. We are known for our nominal parking rates throughout Melbourne. Check our prices at and give us a call at 0391910781.
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